Farmer & the Dell

Solving complex problems with code written on a very old computer.

Read like you mean it with 'Dog Ears'

Throughout my coding journey, I have had an eye on how these new skills can be leveraged in the service of education. From educational tools, to productivity tools aimed at educators, I feel I have a unique handle on what students and teachers need to be more effective and to create deeper learning experiences. Perhaps the most critical skill in all of education is that of reading. Nearly all educational and professional endeavors require reading, and reading for understanding.

To JavaScript!

Beware the non-magic

Back in my self-guided coding days, I would have said that JavaScript was my native language. Though the initial learning curve was higher than that of Ruby or Python, I feel like all the syntactic breadcrumbs helped me to pay attention to the details of the code I was writing. It was great training for the idea that the computer only performs exactly the actions you instruct it to (and only if it’s all followed by a semi-colon).

Bi-Directional Self-Referential Relationships

They’re scarier than they sound.

Doula Mynder (Part 2)

Early Wins

Doula Mynder (Part 1)

A Sinatra Development Project