Dog Ears

A Reading Log to Remember

A critical task of any english teacher is to help their students fall in love with reading. Even in a world flooded with text, some students still miss out on the joy of diving into a fantastical story or reading the biography of one of their heros. Dog Ears extends the common Reading Log by offering teachers a variety of ways to nudge their students into the deeper waters of reading. Teachers can create and manage time and page goals as well as teacher-selected or crowdsourced “milestones”.

Byte Club Hub

Giving Back to the Club That Started it All

I created this app to help my students and I manage and publicize the goings-on of our computer programming club, the MHS Byte Club. My love of code began in 2014 when the students of this club inspired me with their creativity, collaboration, and limitless persistence. For years, the scope of this project would have been well out of my reach. Now, we have a single place to manage our users, projects, and announcements! We also have a show case for our students’ current projects and something students can work to contribute to in the future.


A little RPS between friends

Ro-sham-bo (otherwise known as Rock, Paper, Scissors) is a simple childhood game and a great use case for passing data around within an app. In this game, users can throw Rock, Paper, or Scissors to challenge each other asynchronously (much like other games…with friends). Win games to rise up the leaderboard and become the “Throwmaster”. This project features a customized, bootstrap-based front end design and Google Oauth2 authentication.